Planting Veggies in the Garden

 On Friday, we visited our own Chets Creek garden in back of the school. Students from every grade level learn about gardening, plant seeds, check on their growth and get to pick them when ready. We planted lettuce and it will take about 45 days to grow.  We are lucky to have a great parent volunteer, Dr. Zenk, who tends the garden and teaches then children how to care for the plants.
 Students had fun digging for sweet potatoes.
 It was like finding a treasure when they found a sweet potato.
Another one was found and put into the basket!


K. Tiurchy said…
What a wonderfully fun yet educational experience! I know James will always eat veggies that are home grown that he wouldn't eat otherwise. He's motivating me to start our own garden now, thanks!
Christa said…
I love that the school has such a beautiful garden for the kids to enjoy & take care of. What a wonderful & fun learning experience for everyone :)

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