Open House: A Self-Directed Tour

First Grade Open House was last Thursday. We thought it would be a good idea to have the children show their parents around the classroom. Outside the room, the children made a replica of themselves as chefs holding a recipe card that states what they like best about First Grade. 
They were handed the above "menu" and a highlighter. After each station was visited (the calendar, word wall, book bins, Common Core Standards board, etc.) they highlighted the menu and received a treat when they handed it in. They also played a math game with their parents at their seats after looking through their various journals and folders.
 Students loved showing their parents around the room. It was a relaxing and enjoyable Open House.


Haley Alvarado said…
I love that the kids got a chance to show and explain all of the different aspects of their day! Shalyn was excited to show me her work, even though it was much later after my own Open House. Thank you for leaving their journals and writing out for us to see. Those first graders definitely are learning a lot and working hard!
Lourdes said…
The self-directed tour is great, specially for parents who have 2 Open Houses at the same time. I was able to go to Andrew's, and then still come later for Sofi's and feel like I didn't miss anything. She knew what to show me. Thanks!
Anonymous said…
Alexa and I had a great time at the Open House. Thank you being the most fantastic teachers!!
Crystal Hall said…
Briella and I had a wonderful time at Open House! She especially enjoyed showing me her writing journal and sticker book. Thanks for all that you do!
K. Tiurchy said…
The classroom looks so great! It was wonderful to let the kids show off their hard work. Thanks for being amazing teachers!
Kelly said…
Loved the real Open House format. Price was so proud to show me around the room. We both had a great time1

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