Friday, September 7, 2012

Reading Partners - Fifth Grade

Thursdays are a lot more fun for our first grade students. For about a half hour during Readers's Workshop, a class of fifth grade students come in our classroom to partner with our first graders. Our children use their book bin books to share their new friends. The older students are very kind and patient with our young readers. They make predictions, ask questions and reinforce reading strategies with our class. This is the second Thursday that we have partnered with fifth grade and both grade levels are learning so much!


Jenny Nash said...

My daughter has loved this activity each week! She comes home and tells me all about all the books she read with her buddy. It's even more special to her because her buddy was in her mommy's class last year! :)

K. Tiurchy said...

Thanks for telling us about this because for some reason James didn't mention it! But it makes sense that he's been talking more about fifth graders recently. How fun!

Candice Thornton said...

Madison has been having a great time in first grade so far this year. Thank you for making it enjoyable for her!!