Cooking Wednesdays at the Diner

Today was our first "Cooking Wednesday".  We decided to make "Fruit Nachos". This was a recipe sent in by one of our mom's Kelly K. The children enjoyed cutting their apple or pear and arranging their toppings. It was a wonderful "first recipe" and a healthy one too!  Thank you to Price's mom and Roberto's mom for furnishing the ingredients this week.  If you would like to make this at home, see the "How To" video below.


Lourdes said…
The diner is open for business. Spoke to my little food critic, and I definitely want to be a customer. Thanks Kelly for the "tip".
Anonymous said…
I am continually amazed at the Mall-ard classroom. You both are incredible and truly go above and beyond to make first grade wonderful. Also, thank you to all the great parents who are so generous with their time to help with these fun projects. I love reading the blog and getting a glimpse into the Diner! Thank you, Jen Crane
K. Tiurchy said…
That was a lot of preparation work for the Mallards! What a fun and healthy treat. James insists on making it for his little brother.
Kelly said…
I'm so glad this worked out! Yum - Yum! Price loves Cooking Wednesdays! I'll be on the lookout for more fun recipes.

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