Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fire Safety with Fireman Chris

  Today our friend, Fireman Chris, stopped by to give the children a few lessons on fire safety.  He prepared a slideshow with pictures from real fires, diagrams of escape routes, and fire engines and other equipment. The children were taught the serious nature of a home fire. He reviewed the importance of getting out of the house if there is a fire, having a family meeting place, and making sure that all fire detectors are working properly.
 Fireman Chris showed the class how fast he has to put on his uniform because a fire doubles in size every minute. He taught students to stay low to the ground because smoke rises and to crawl along the floor. Also it is important to touch a door with the back of your hand to feel if it is hot (there are more nerve endings on the back). In this way, they can tell if the fire may be behind the door.
 The kids had a great time getting to see all of the fire equipment up close and learn about fire safety. Thanks Fireman Chris - the students really learned a lot today about what to do in case of a fire and had a lot of fun too!!


Lourdes said...

I assured Sofi we had smoke detectors, but she mentioned changing the batteries to ensure they were working properly. Thanks for incorporating this important life lesson. Chets #1 priority is safety, and youve equipoed our children with the knowledge.

Sunny said...

Great pictures. Wyatt definitely was paying attention, because he came home and reminded me to change the batteries in our smoke detectors. Thank you for reminding us about fire safety, especially in the home.

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