Common Core Based Bulletin Board

This is our first official bulletin board of the year. With "Mixing in the 'Write' Ingredients", we thought it would be a good idea to showcase student's writing from the initial writing piece and compare it to being in school for a few weeks. The results were amazing. Mixed in were mini lessons of great beginnings, remembering details, and staying in the moment when telling a story (not saying they went to bed or went home at the end). Our writers are getting the "write" ingredients everyday to make each story better than the last one!! (And, yes, that is us at the table preparing the next menu item!) :)


Sunny said…
I saw the bulletin board last night and just loved it! The little table with your little faces is quite clever. Thank you for highlighting Wyatt's writing. He was very excited about it and quite proud of himself. You are nurturing a little boy who is loving to learn. Thank you for making it so much fun for him!
Lourdes said…
The Mall-ard Menu has all the "write" stuff!
Kelly said…
You two are so creative! I love your pictures on the board.

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