We Are Back in 2012

Everyone was back in school today excited to share how they spent their holidays and what they got for Christmas. It was great seeing all the children and we noticed a slight growth spurt in some of them. Today was "Resource Day" which means the students have the opportunity to go to Music, Art, P.E., or the Library and have a teacher who specializes in that subject teach them. Today they had Art. They learned about Origami (折り紙?. This is the traditional Japanese art of paper folding. The children created their own origami dogs. They had a great time and were very proud of their puppies!


Lourdes said…
Dog-gone cute! Sofi was so excited about her puppies.
Christa said…
This was such a cute thing for them to learn! Bryn has been making us all lots of puppies. Plus, she was very excited & proud to show us how she made them :)
Kelly said…
Price loves dogs so he really enjoyed making everyone in the family their own dog.

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