Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bingo Book Bonanza - 25 Book Challenge

This week students were rewarded for reading their 25 books for this quarter by attending the principal's Bingo party. Every student in the school who attained the 25 Book Challenge had the opportunity to play bingo with the principal. There were all kinds of prizes: stuffed animals, books, and games. Every student in our class was a winner and went home with a special prize. It was a great way to reward the children for something they love doing anyway...reading!!

Double checking to make sure they didn't miss one!

Lots of prizes to choose.


Coaches Chronicle said...

Thanks for a great experience.Omer really enjoyed the bingo. He is so excited about school.Thanks for such a smooth transition.

Lourdes said...

Bingo is always a huge hit across the board! It was so nice to see the kids having a great time and cheering each other on.

Anonymous said...

You guys rock! Wish I could re-do Kindergarten.

Many blessings,
Susan Freese

Anonymous said...

Great idea! You know Shalyn is all over the book reading b/c of you two. Thanks Mallards!
from: Hector & Haley

Unknown said...

Carter loved the Bingo! He wants to play everynight now! :)
- Claire