Morning Message

One of the student's favorite activities each day is reading the morning message. This is when they find out some of the news of the day. In the beginning of the year, the morning message had all the letters and punctuation. As time has gone on, the message changes...a capital letter may be needed, some letters in words may disappear, and punctuation is added. During this ten minute time frame, students learn everything from sight words to quotation marks. Vocabulary words, compound words, antonyms, and synonyms are also sprinkled in from time to time. Children are called on via name cards to go up and correct the message. If they get stuck, we help them remember some basic rules: the first letter of people's names are capitalized, days of the week are too, and if it is asking a question, then of course it gets a question mark. As you can see from the before and after photo, they are learning a lot about sentence structure in kindergarten.


Kelly said…
This is very impressive for kindergarten! I'll be sure to ask Price if he has had a turn.
Kristen Tiurchy said…
At the beginning of the year, I wouldn't have believed that a kindergartener could do this. Amazing the skills you are teaching them this year!
Lourdes said…
_oo_ job _all _ _ d class_

Y _ _ are _ _ cred _ _ _ _!

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