Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Saehae Bok Mani Badseiyo.- Korean New Year - Year of the Dragon

Korean New Year on PhotoPeach

Saehae Bok Mani Badseiyo which is Happy New Year in Korean. On Tuesday, we celebrated the Korean New Year. Ms. Hanna came in to teach the students about the biggest holiday for the Korean people. It is a time to celebrate the family - past and present. The first thing they do on this special holiday is to wish each family member a Happy New Year. After first having bowed before each other, the parents will sit down on the ground and will receive their children's greetings for the New Year. While doing this, the children kneel down in front of their parents, performing a deep bow by touching the ground with their forehead (Sebae). Ms. Hanna taught the children these bows and "B" was gifted a hand-made headband for her most gracious bow. The students learned where Korea is on the map and were shown a slide show of the special holiday foods. The children were also given special Korean cookies. Thank you for sharing your wonderful traditions with the class!
Celebrating the Year of the Dragon on PhotoPeach


Lourdes said...

What a blessing to be in this class. The children have had so many cultural experiences. Within the classroom walls, they have traveled so much already. Oh, the places we go!
Thank you Ms. Hanna for sharing Korean traditions with the class.
Happy New Year!

Sunny said...

Great exposure for the children to see other cultures. Thank you for giving them this opportunity.

Sunny said...

What a wonderful way to explore different cultures. Thank you for the opportunity to learn about the world around them.

Crissy said...

I LOVE the cultural lessons our children are receiving at school!! I did not imagine they would have such diverse exposure, and it's awesome. Thank you for finding this subject interesting and important to teach!

Christa said...

What an amazing opportunity for all of the children to learn about Korean traditions and different cultures ~ thank you SO much Ms. Hanna!! The handmade headband is beautiful :)