100th Day of School

Celebrating 100 Days of Kindergarten on PhotoPeach

Celebrating the 100th day of school is a milestone in the year of a kindergarten student. We have been looking forward to this since the first day of school. Every day is logged on a sticky note and days are counted using straws bundled into groups of ten. For homework, students were invited to come to school wearing 100 of something. We had a hat made of 100 straws and one made of 100 silly bands. We had 100 gummy worms and 100 pieces of popcorn...there were even 100 ants on someone's pants! This also marks only 80 days left of kindergarten and we plan on making every day remaining in this most precious year memorable ones!! Happy 100th Day from the Mall-ards!


Anonymous said…
So much fun!!

Susan Freese
Lourdes said…
Sofi was "poppin" with excitement over the 100th day of school. It's bitter-sweet; The students have accomplished so much, but it's sad to think they're more than half way done with this "incredible" year with "incredible" teachers.
Anonymous said…
Josabel really enjoyed creating his 100th day fruit loops shirt!
This was a great activity.

Sunny said…
What a wonderful way to celebrate such a milestone. Mrs. Mallon and Mrs. Dillard, you did a great job showcasing all of the fun activities with your pictures. Thank you for sharing the day with us, the parents.
Kristen Tiurchy said…
James had been looking forward to this day for weeks. Thanks for making it special! Hard to believe we're over halfway there.
Ms. Johnson said…
What a fun day! Kam and Kyle loved the balloons, 100 snack, kisses, and celebrating being 100 days smarter. THANKS Mallards!
Christa said…
Bryn was so bummed she was missing the 100th day of school, but we enjoyed seeing everyone's creations. Kudos to all! We love this blog!!

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