Thursday, February 16, 2012

Making Chocolate Pudding -- How to

The children are having a lot of fun in Writer's Workshop sharing their expertise in all that they know how to do. They have written "How to Make Paper Airplanes," "How to Skate," "How to Make a Shirt", and "How to Get Ready for School." During the Demo Lessons, they have been shown "How to Make Popcorn," "How to Make a Bear Valentine Box" and now "How to Make Chocolate Pudding." All the ingredients were laid out and the instructions were followed on how to make it. We poured, measured and stirred. It was another wonderful shared experience that they could all write about...and a tasty one too!


Christa said...

Bryn is loving the "How To" exercises. She really enjoyed making the popcorn & chocolate pudding. She wants one of those popcorn poppers :) Thanks for being so creative & making learning so much fun!

Anonymous said...

What a very creative way to educate both rock!

We both laugh reading Jeslyn's note, thank you!

Elisa & Jerome

Kristen Tiurchy said...

Thank you for making these "how to" exercises so much fun. James loved all of them, from the chocolate covered strawberries to the pudding. Your creativity keeps it so interesting for them!