Visiting the Baby Chicks

Today the students were treated to special visit to a fifth grade classroom to see the baby chicks that have recently hatched. Every year, fifth grade has the opportunity to see this life cycle in action. They explained to the kindergarten students how they they incubated the eggs and the care it took to finally get to them to the 28th day when they started pecking at their shells. The chicks will stay for a while longer and then move on to live on a nearby farm. Thanks 5th grade for the wonderful welcome and experience for the kindergarteners. They really enjoyed learning about the chicks.


Anonymous said…
How sweet and precious! Thanks for all you do!

Susan Freese
Lourdes said…
How adorable! Sofi was so excited to share all about the checks! I love it!
Kristen Tiurchy said…
I heard a detailed account about this experience- it was quite the hit! James can't wait to be in 5th grade now!
Haley Alvarado said…
Our kids are so lucky to be able to partner up with the fifth graders and be able to share this awesome,unique learning opportunity!

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