Big Chickens -- Book of the Month

Our book of the month was "Big Chickens" by Leslie Helakoski. It gives a new twist to the old story about a hen house and a furry predator. Four fussy hens are chicken in more ways than one. "When they first spy a wolf, they run off to hide in the woods, but are soon frightened by a ditch, and then by a peaceful-looking group of cows, and on and on, until they end up in a cave, where an encounter with actual danger leaves them feeling brave for the first time." It was a wonderful book that the children loved hearing again and again. Students made paper bag puppets and put together the following play. We hope you enjoy it! Special thanks to Conor - who is reading the book.

Big Chickens Puppet Show


H. Alvarado said…
Hey "Mall-ards," I think this retelling is so cute and it looks like your students got to use a lot of creativity in making their puppets and had a lot of fun performing! Way to make learning FUN!!!!
Anonymous said…
We love retellings! What a great job the kids did.
Megan has really enjoyed watching this over and over and over again!
Parker Rossignol said…
his favorite book

love parker rossignol

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