Standards Based Bulletin Boards 2008-2009

This was the first year that we took pictures of our Standards-based bulletin boards every month (well almost every month) and I'm so glad we did. As each month goes by, I see the thought, work, and imagination it took to create it. The student's work is highlighted and it shines brightly for all to see. August was our first board, "An Aussie Adventure Awaits You" which hints to our theme for the year. Because we are a looping class, students were invited to write to us during the summer via letter or postcard. Their letters/postcards/pictures were put around the map for all to see.
"Minilessons Can Make A World of Difference" was board number two. Writing minilessons such as editing, starting at the red line, using the word wall, etc. were the focus. Student's work was shown before and after a minilesson was taught. "Navigating Our Way Though Nonfiction" was a Reader's Workshop board which guided the viewer with a page by page look at the elements of nonfiction via a booklet that the students made. It included close ups, comparisons, table of contents, cut aways, and labeling. The next is a math board, "2D Or Not 2D - That is the Question". This board reflected learning about 2D and 3D shapes in Math. It included a booklet students made on 2D and 3D shapes, pattern block construction, using technology, and making 3D shapes such as cubes, triangular and rectangular prisms. "Great Beginnings - Precious, Priceless, and Winsome" was our homage to Kevin Henkes. This showed four different "great beginnings" for a response to literature. Starting with a question, a statement, a quote from the story, or a personal reflection were featured. And finally, our "Work over Time" - "Watch How Time Will Tell". This takes our student, Alexandra, from a Kindergarten month-by-month writing (2007-2008) sample booklet to First Grade (2008-2009). Showcased is a pattern book, personal narrative, report, response to literature, functional piece, and persuasive writing sample. These boards were a window into our classroom. They are now archived and will be looked on to build upon for the classes to come. We'll be taking pictures of our boards from now on -- it was a great idea!!


dayle timmons said…
What a wonderful post! This truly is a window into your instruction - a visual showcase of a year's work! Not only does it archive the year for you, your parents and children but for all other teachers and stakeholders to see! Wow!
Suzanne said…
Great reflection piece! I love the idea of archiving your SBBB through pictures.
Parker Rossignol said…
oh my gosh you got a clock on

your dooltendord

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