"Magic" Meeting an Author

Luckily, while shopping in Barnes and Noble a few weeks ago, we found out that Mary Pope Osborne was coming and let the students and parents know via our weekly newsletter. This afternoon, at Barnes and Noble/Town Center, "C" was able to meet and take a picture with one of our favorite authors Mary Pope Osborne. Her books are truly "magical". We read a chapter a day from "The Magic Tree House" series and the children are transported into history. From dinosaurs to pilgrims to the Civil War to the Titanic, children are traveling with eight year old Jack and his seven year old sister, Annie. It all started one summer day in Frog Creek, Pennsylvania, when a mysterious tree house appeared in the woods. Jack and Annie climbed into the tree house and found it full of books! They soon discover that the tree house is magic and can take them to the places in the books. All they have to do is to point to a picture and wish to go there. Every day, when we read a chapter aloud, our class is transported with Jack and Annie to faraway places and long ago times!
We know more of our students went to meet her and can't wait to hear how wonderful their adventure was!!


Suzanne said…
C. wanted to go so badly, but we had other plans that evening. I hope she comes back again sometime.

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