Men Do Read -- WOW -- What a Week!!

Within one week, we had three guest readers -- all dads -- come to model for our class that everyone loves to read -- even guys. Fireman Chris came back to visit. He read a book about fire safety. He explained the importance of wearing protective gear when on a motorcycle and he also talked about water safety at the beach and pool. Fireman Chris brought in a special visitor, his daughter "S", who will be kindergarten next year.

Next, we had a member of the BUDs club (Brothers, Uncles, and Dads), Jeff W. whose daughter "M" is in our class. Jeff read "Book Fair Day" and a nonfiction fiction book about animals that live in the dark. Ask him about "glow worms" -- he knows all about them!!

Finally, we had our Mystery Reader, Phil A. He surprised our class on Thursday and read a book about "Being Green" and also read some poems to the class. His son "B" is in our class. Then he shared some of his heavy-duty policeman gear with the kids. That was also a special treat!! Wow!! What great role models these men are to our students -- showing them that "Real Men Do Read" -- and love doing it!! Thanks dads!!!


Anonymous said…
We love the readers. Especially Fireman Chris. I hope we have more. Jonathan
Anonymous said…
I hope to come back out and read again. It's always good to spend time with the children.
Fireman Chris
Suzanne said…
Ok ladies...I guess it is time to sign me up for mystery readers. (I really have no excuse, do I?) :)

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