Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Time for Work and Time for Play

Kindergarten is a time for learning and growing - not only in reading, writing, and math but also learning how to get along with others and in growing friendships. A balance between active and quiet experiences, and between individual work and large and small groups are scheduled in a Kindergartener's day. Some of the best learning is done in Developmental Centers. Each afternoon, the children have about 35 minutes to pick a favorite center. This free-choice time can be blocks, drawing, Play-doh, Legos, cubes, and home-life. Some students love the kitchen and dress-up play. They role-play going out, going to the store and buying things, and just having a good time in active play. With so many PS-2's, DVD's, and computer games, it's so refreshing to see children interact with each other. While at play, they learn to compromise with each other, negotiate scenerios, and use their imaginations. This is a precious time in their lives and Kindergarten should have a balance of work and play - especially play!!

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Tracy L C said...

Mrs. Mallon,
Thank you for the daily updates. The pictures are great! Our daughter is having a wonderful time in kindergarten. It is exciting to hear about all of the learning activities that they are doing each day. Thank you for all that you are doing.