Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Flying High on Day Number 3

Every day the students are getting more accustomed to the rituals and routines of classroom life. After I pick up the children in the dining room, we go to the classroom, unpack folders, and listen to announcements. Today I posted our first "Morning Message" which is our daily news. After I point to each word in message, I have students circle certain letters and letter sounds. Soon they will be noticing letter combinations (ay, ai, ing) and learning many sight words. Afterwards, we talked about the importance of classroom rules and made up a "Class Promise" chart. This is a listing of things they feel are important to help the class run smoothly. The promise sounds like - "We won't make fun of people;" "We won't run or hurt anyone;" and "We will raise our hand to speak." Then the students decorated a face cut out. It will be placed around the promise. In math, I read "Ten Apples Up On Top" by Dr. Seuss. The children drew themselves with various numbers of apples on top of their heads. They then shared their pictures with classmates. This was a beginning Math Workshop activity where the lesson was taught, the students went back to practice the activity, and then came to the floor to share what they have done. This was followed by recess and free choice center time. Another day of learning and growing - reading and drawing - writing and playing in Room 104!!

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Anonymous said...

Your blogs have been great. It gives us a great opportunity to ask Andrew what he did at school every day. Before his answer was "nothing" but now that we "know" what he has done he talks about it. Thanks for your time in writing the blog and letting the parents know what is happening in the classroom