Thursday, August 30, 2007

Who's Happier Than Us?

When I see happy faces like this one, I know something is going right!! Today was another very busy day in Kinder-garten. We started the day with our "Good Morning Song," reviewed all our letters and sounds, sang our "Humpty Dumpty" song, and talked about rhyming words. Another feature of our morning is to bring attention to each letter and sound of the alphabet through song. Today I read the book, "Benjamin Bunny" and we listed words that we know starting with "B". Our "Star Names" also reinforce letter names and letter sounds daily. After pictures were drawn of our "star", we went right into Reader's Workshop. Our focus is on book bins. These are plastic magazine holders that each child has his/her favorite books in that were brought from home this week. Practicing how to get the book bin and put it back is worth a few mini-lessons. The children have their favorite books in it and will eventually add "Star Books" which are "Three Billy Goats," "Caps for Sale," and "Where the Wild Things Are," to name a few, after I have read these books a few times. In this way, they will able to tell the story through picture-walking and remembering how the story goes. Level A and B books will soon be included in the book bin. It is in this book bin that children will be picking a book to take home every night for their "Book in Bag" for homework. This will be explained in more detail at Open House (Sept. 20th).
Then we had Writer's Workshop, Lunch, and Math, Resource (Science) and outside and inside play time. The day was packed with lots of fun ... so no wonder we see these smiling faces!!!!

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Skipper said...

...and all she could say was "Wow!" It makes me so sad that Chase will not have Mrs. Mallon for a teacher:( I love reading your updates:) YOu are creating "Raving Fans" I am sure:)