Visiting the Chicks

 Our Kindergarten students were invited to a Fifth Grade Science class to see and learn about the recently hatched chicks. The chicks will be in the incubator for a few weeks and then get moved to the chicken coop.
 The students had the opportunity to see the chicks up close and ask questions about them.
The chicks will be here for a few more weeks...staying warm under the light.


Wendy said…
These baby chicks are sooooo CUTE! Andrew talked a lot about the visiting at home. He can't wait to see more animals on Tuseday's field trip!
Christa said…
So cool! I'm sure the kids were thrilled to see & learn about those adorable chicks! Never a dull moment, school rocks :)
Lourdes said…
What a great field trip . . . right at school, too!

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