Partner Reading

About twice a week the children enjoy sharing their books with a partner. During this partner reading time, they sit side by side with the book in the middle so that each child can see the book. The books in their book bins may include leveled books (A,B,C etc.), Dr. Seuss, an ABC book, star books (Caps for Sale, Harry the Dirty Dog, or a fairy tale), math trade books, and/or books we make in class. This is about 15 minutes out of our Reading block where children get to practice with a friend the strategies learned in the mini lessons. Each partner has a role of listener, reader and/or helper in decoding words. Partner reading is a great time to introduce a friend to a new book and share their thoughts about the books they read.


Christa said…
I love this activity! What a great way to build their confidence in reading & have fun learning :) Thanks for all you do!
Lourdes said…
Caps for Sale & Harry the Dirty Dog are my favorites. My kids still remember those stories. I love the building of reading and memories!

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