Science - Observing

In Science, students have been learning about some of the tools scientist use such as hand lenses, scales and thermometers. In this experiment, our young scientists used an eye dropper and water to determine whether an item was absorbent or not absorbent. They used paper towels, a sponge, wax paper and a baggie. The items were then separated as "absorbent" or "not absorbent".  They were observing what happened after water was placed on the objects. Then these observations were logged in their Science Notebooks.


Susan Eccher said…
Ah-ha! Raphael came home pointing out what was absorbent and what wasn't ... very nice! He's also excited when we comes across one of the vocabulary words you are all working on. Looking forward to more!
Christa said…
I love that they are already doing Science experiments & have a Science notebook ~ so cool! Can't wait to see & hear about what else they discover :)
Lourdes said…
Looks like the kids are really absorbing the science!

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