Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Cultural Arts Week - 2013

april 2013 004
We have many traditions at our school and we are right in the middle of one called "Cultural Arts Week."  This is the time when student's Art work is displayed throughout the school which includes sculptures, self portraits, and photos. The portrait above was completed in Art class by Anna and is representative of the techniques of  line, form, and function learned in a formal Art class. This is why having these types of resources are so important to a child's education. 
Also during Cultural Arts Week, students enjoy an assembly of varying cultural arts media. This week we had an artist that drew to music, dancers,  and a puppet master.  Tomorrow is a visit from the children's author Kevin O'Malley and on Friday we have the Fletcher Middle School Band. The week ends Friday night with "Arts Extravaganza" where parents and children are invited back to school to see their child's art work displayed in the halls and have fun on some interactive arts and crafts.  
april 2013 003


Christa said...

Wow, such amazing artwork! Love all these wonderful resources available to our children :)

Lourdes said...

Arts Extravaganza is one of Sofi's favorites.

K. Tiurchy said...

Anna did a really beautiful job. I hear the assemblies were great this week, thanks CCE!