Monday, May 27, 2013

End of the Year BBQ

The Mall-ard Diner was open for business on Friday. We had parents and children enjoying a delicious BBQ lunch together.Thanks you parents (moms and dads) for sending in all of the needed food and supplies and a special thanks to the dads for cooking up a storm. The kids said it was "the best day ever" and we surely do agree. The Mall-ard Diner will be closing in two short weeks but the memories will last a lifetime!
First Grade - End of Year BBQ 2013 on PhotoPeach


K. Tiurchy said...

Thank you for this wonderful and memorable occasion! The food was delicious (we had some master grillers at work there!) and the company even better. It was a lovely way to end the year. We will miss the Mallards terribly, but at least we will always have the memories :)

Christa said...

What a great day! So glad we could be a part of much fun & so much yummy food :) Thanks!!

Lourdes said...

Zagat rating for the Mall-ard Diner:🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟(5star)
It was the best YEAR ever. Sad day when you flip the sign to CLOSED, specially for the o,d time customers that you served for 4 years.