Persuasive Writing - the beginnings...

For the past two weeks, our class has been working on persuasive and opinion writing. They are learning the basics of letter writing including where to put the date, salutation, body, and closing of letter. Students have come up with topics from asking parents for a trampoline to how we can recycle more to save the Earth. We have reviewed the value of adding reasons to their letters to help persuade the reader to see things their way. This is such an exciting workshop because students are designing their own stationary, writing for whatever cause they choose, and getting to "mail" their letters in our classroom mailbox. This following letter was written by Briella and we just had to share it!
april 2013 002

Dear Mrs. Mallon,
How are you?  You have been a great teacher today!  I was thinking do you think that the whole class should decorate our mailbox? because 
1.  It will look pretty
2.  The students and me have amazing ideas of what to draw on the mailbox
3.  You and Mrs. Dillard might be impressed.
Your best student

Now how can we deny such a great request given the beautiful "softening up" approach at the beginning and that it was written by our "best student"?  Needless to say, the request was approved!!


Christa said…
Very impressive & just so cute! What a great and creative activity for the kids :)
K. Tiurchy said…
That was too cute! I love that the children are learning this important life skill early. James has had fun "mailing" his letters and getting some responses as well! It's motivated him to write, yeah!
Daryl Vaglienti said…
Too cute.....her future husband is in big trouble!
Lourdes said…
Great job, Briella! You're an awesome writer AND designer! I need some new stationary myself!
Crystal Hall said…
Briella was SOOO excited when she came home last week after getting to share her letter with the class. Thank you both for instilling the love of writing in her. She now tells me that she wants to be an author when she grows up!

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