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Egg Hunt and Crafts on PhotoPeach
We celebrated the season with our annual egg hunt. Each child brought in 12+ plastic eggs filled with a wrapped candy treat. Parents hid the eggs on the playground early this morning and the children had a great time finding the eggs. They averaged about 22 eggs each which made everyone happy. Afterward, the children created some Spring crafts. They made a bunny hat, weaved a colorful basket, and made a decorative bunny plate. We had wonderful parent and grandparent help -- another great kindergarten memory!


Anonymous said…
Thank you for all you do. We had a great time.

Kristen Tiurchy said…
This was so much fun! Thank you for the hard work you put into making the spring celebration the best.
Sunny said…
It was such a fun morning! Really enjoyed helping out. Thanks for the cute pics.
Christa said…
How fun!! It looks like everyone had a great time. Thanks so much for making their school days so memorable :)
ps ~ can you email me that pic of B, love it!
Lourdes said…
The kids were so hoppy! Thank you Mall-ards for organizing this event. Thanks also to all the parents that sent in the generous amounts of eggs.

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