Report Writing in Kindergarten

We have just completed our "Report Writing" genre. Taught in tandem with Reader's Workshop (learning about the conventions of nonfiction - table of contents, close ups, captions, etc.), students were invited to write their own nonfiction books. Our young writers were encouraged to report on things that they are familiar. These included "All About Dogs", "All About School", "All About My Family", and "All About TV Shows" to name a few. The one featured below is an "All About Chores." Kallyn was very excited about this topic because she said she knows lots about chores and can teach people about them. We hope you learn lots about how to keep your house clean and tidy by reading and learning from Kallyn's report!

All About Chores

Table of Contents

Introduction Page

How to Set the Table

Favorite Chores

Different Kinds of Page
(Dish detergent, laundry detergent, sponge, hands)

Author's Note


Randi Timmons said…
良い仕事 or Yoku dekimashita
each of these say "Job well done" in Japanese! Arigato (thank you) for sharing with us!
Wes and Randi Timmons
Tokyo, Japan
Lourdes said…
Wow, K seems to know a lot about chores. Maybe she can come over and help me around the house! She also seems to know a lot about writing! Kudos K!
dayle timmons said…
I love the report! K even demonstrated for me last night how to fold clothes! She obviously has awesome teachers!
Christa said…
We definitely learned a lot about chores, thanks K! What a fun assignment, thanks for sharing!
Kristen Tiurchy said…
Can she teach James a few things about chores? Great writing!

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