Leprechaun Traps and Visit

Just before Spring Break started, we celebrated St. Patrick's Day by having the children create leprechaun traps for homework. On Friday morning, each student had the opportunity to explain his/her trap and just how it was going to work. While the children were at lunch, that tricky leprechaun entered our classroom and went crazy tipping over chairs, dumping crayons and leaving his footprints across tables and out the window (which was found open so we know how he escaped.) When the students came back from lunch, they were shocked at the condition of the classroom and wanted to get that leprechaun...it was a day they will remember for a long time!!
Leprechaun Traps (Part One) on PhotoPeach
More class pictures and some of the mischief that the leprechaun left...
Leprechaun Traps (Part Two) on PhotoPeach


Anonymous said…
How creative! Thank you for fueling imagination!

Many blessings,
Susan Freese
Lourdes said…
Good thing the leprechaun just made a visit and didn't stay. Based on the mess he made, he seems like a handful!
Sunny said…
I'm so impressed with everyone's creativity, even the Leprechaun's!
Anonymous said…
Such a fun experience for Callie!! Also turned into a great learning opportunity for she and I together as we researched the origin of the day and the many legends surrounding it!

-Casey Stephens
Kristen Tiurchy said…
The traps were incredibly creative-everyone did a great job! This was such a fun activity for the kids. James was so tickled by the naughty little leprechaun!!!
Kelly said…
Very creative class! We had fun with this home project. Thanks again for sharing - I don't get all the details from Price!

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