Boosterthon - Fundraising the Fun Way

For the past week our school has been on a Boosterthon EPIC Adventure. The students have been collecting pledges (per lap) from grandparents, relatives and friends for the school's first Boosterthon Fun Run. The Boosterthon was a very successful fundraiser for our school. It also brought us together as a community to not only help Chets Creek but also to help build playgrounds in other parts of the world. The word "EPIC" is an acronym with each letter representing an Adventure Action. Students learned four specific ways to be a great teammate:

E- Encourage – Team members build each other up with their words and never tear anyone down.

P- Play – It’s important for teams to exercise and play together outside, building friendships on the playground and in the neighborhood.

I- Invite –Sometimes people may be outsiders or feel excluded from the group. Great teams see others on the sidelines and invite them into the group.

C- Celebrate – Celebrating other’s victories is so important. Team members are not jealous of other’s successes; they celebrate with them and should applaud everyone’s accomplishments.

We are pleased to announce that our class came in second in pledges for the entire school...not bad for one kindergarten class! Thank you parents and friends for making this another memorable event for the children.


dayle timmons said…
Was such a wonderful day! Loved watching the kids run with such enthusiasm and committment... and it didn't hurt that they were raising money for the school!
Crissy said…
Today was wonderful! So exciting to see the kids work hard and run hard! Their self pride was a beautiful thing to see.
James Tiurchy said…
James wants to tell you- "I really loved the Boosterthon fun run. The best thing was the music and the Boosterthon people."
Christa said…
What an amazing & rewarding! So proud of all the kids, teachers, parents, family, & friends ~ teamwork at its best!!
Lourdes said…
The Boosterthon was a successful FUN-raiser. I love that S had an active role in collecting pledges. Yes, she read the script. I also love the lessons and the exercise that was incorporated.

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