Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Poetry with Voice - Fotobabble

We have been working on our poetry unit in Reader's and Writer's Workshop for the past two weeks. The children have enjoyed throwing all the traditional writing rules out the window and experimenting with the free-thinking, free-feeling of poetry. Today our Technology Coach Melanie Holtsman had a few children read their poetry using a new program called Fotobabble. Fotobabble is a program that adds voice to a picture. Grace's poem is called "The Night" and Andrew's poem is called "Snakes". Enjoy listening to their poetic creations. We can't wait to use Fotobabble again!!


dayle timmons said...

These are too cute! Love hearing the children's voices!

Lourdes said...

We all enjoyed hearing Grace and Andrew's poem. It's amazing how much AJ has enjoyed this genre. I love that the kids work on poems in kindergarten, and that they learn that the words don't always have to rhyme. Great free, creative thinking!