Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Celebration - Mall-ard Style

One of our favorite holidays to celebrate with the students is Mother's Day. There are many reasons why this is special. Of course, we want to invite the moms in to see their children perform but we also want to thank them for being such wonderful parents. It is our way of thanking them for the great year and the great kids that they have entrusted to our care. It is our hope that by making Mother's Day a big deal in the class, that this will be a special time for them, for years to come. We had the table covered with white tablecloths and flowers. Each child went into the hall and escorted his/her mom to her seat. After all the mom's were in place, the festivities commenced. We started off with "Slippery Fish" (a class favorite), then, "Here Comes the Sun" done in sign language; and finally "Alphabet Soup" the video can be seen after the slide show. A poem called, "Before I Was Your Mom" was read by a few students and then a slide show was shown with the child's baby picture and what he/she looks like now, together with our year in pictures. There were very few dry eyes in the house. Then it was time for the breakfast. The parents ate first, and then their child joined them. It was a magical morning full of laughs and tears...but one that will be remembered. Happy Mother's Day!!


Wanda Lankford said...

I love the alphabet soup song! Great job!
Love, Mrs. Lankford

Anonymous said...

This was a wonderful celebration. You all did a fantastic job. I was amazed, too, that with all the practise it must have taken for every one to learn all 3 songs, Michael managed to keep it all a secret. Thank you for making Mother's Day so special this year.

Debbie Stevens said...

My daughter still sings the Kentucky song! I have all the keepsakes. My favorite was the placemat.
We were blessed having Maria as our teacher and friend.
P.S. when is Daisy going on vacation?