Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Helicopter Visit - HSL-60 Mayport Naval Station

We started today with a special surprise. We had the opportunity to watch a helicopter land at our baseball field at our school. But it wasn't any old helicopter. It was Helicopter Squadron HSL-60 from Mayport Naval Station with Chief Dillard aboard (Mrs. Dillard's husband) which made the visit even more special for our Kindergarten class. The squadron came for fifth grade's career day. Air crewman on HSL-60 included Lt. Commander J. Cross, Lt. Commander D. Kapo, and of course Chief Dillard. It was a wonderful experience for the children to see the helicopter up close and have the air crewman explain the different features of the helicopter to the students. Thank you so much for coming and sharing your time with our students.

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Lourdes said...

How cool is that?! AJ told us all about it. Thanks for coming, and thanks for serving our country.
God Bless the USA!