Friday, September 19, 2008

Writer's Workshop: Planning Details

Today during Writer's Workshop, student's were busy finishing up their pieces from this week. As some students were finishing, others were ready to start a new piece of writing. One child (video) asked if I would listen to his "planning of the story" that he is going to write. The lesson on "Planning Details" was a mini lesson about a week ago and how happy we are that it is now internalized. This student is looking at blank pages and telling what he is going to write on each page. This lesson was meant to encourage children to plan detailed stories before writing them. We have found that when students learn how to plan their writing, step by step and page by page, it helps them focus on the act of writing. As evidenced in the video, A. is busy planning the details that he is excited to write about. Planning - the key to a great Writer's Workshop. (FYI - the video will buffer the first time.)


Suzanne said...

A. did an outstanding job planning his story! Your mini-lesson must have been very effective. This reminds me of an oral retelling that happens before students begin with Response to Literature. What a great way to build writing fluency and stamina! He continued to tell the story until the very last page! Thanks for sharing.

dayle timmons said...

Fantastic artifact to show how oral language plays into a child being able to tell a story before he is able to write it. Such a wonderful way to explain to other teachers how a very young child plans a story before he writes the first word! I LOVE it!