Thursday, September 25, 2008

Reader's Theater Presents: "Hattie and the Fox"

In Reader's Workshop today, students practiced a retelling of "Hattie and the Fox" by Mem Fox. The children put on a Reader's Theater play in which they had the opportunity to play a part in the story. This is a rhythmic book which is bouncy and repetitive. It is based on the traditional hen-and-fox tale. The animals on the farm do not heed Hattie's warning of seeing a strange creature in the bushes. When warned the animals chant: "Good grief," said the goose; "Well, well," said the pig; "Who cares," said the sheep; "So what," said the horse; "What next?" said the cow. This refrain is repeated several times during the story until the animals scramble when Hattie screams, "It's a's a fox!!" This was a wonderful book to read during this last week of our author study because it was so different from the other stories we have read by her. Tomorrow will be our Author Celebration Day! We are planning lots of fun activities to compliment our new favorite author, Mem Fox!


Anonymous said...

Megan is so excited for the Mem Fox celebration tomorrow. She's enjoyed this author study.

Have fun!

~Julie W.

Suzanne said...

How lucky our children are to have such engaging teachers and interactive activities. You are truly the best!