Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Australia's Geography Is Our Topic Today

We were very fortunate to have a guest speaker today. Dr. B. is a professor at the University of North Florida's Department of Economics and Geography (and also one of our student's father.) Dr. B. came to talk to the class about Australia's geography. A globe was used to explain the northern and southern hemispheres. It was explained that when it is summer here, it is winter there. During the presentation, Dr. B. showed maps comparing Australia's land mass with the United States. He showed both countries from space where students were able to tell green and brown coloring (vegetation and desert areas.) Students were shown elevation zones and pointed out the mountains and plains between both countries. There were rainfall and temperature maps where children discovered the climate differences between the two countries. All during the presentation, students asked questions and offered their knowledge of Australia. It was a wonderful way for First Grade students to learn about the geography of the "Land Down Under."

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for teaching us wonderful things about Australia! Davis comes home daily with a new story, word or fact to share and that allows for the whole family to learn!

Thanks a bunch,
The Griffin Family