Friday, September 26, 2008

Mem Fox: Author Celebration Day

Our Mem Fox Author Celebration Day was full of learning, fun and activities. Children listened to books about Australian animals, completed word searches, and had plenty of arts and crafts projects to make the day a success. Taste testing the lamington was a big hit (for all those who don't mind coconut). Students made didgeridoos, boomerang pins, Aussie hats, and platypus puppets. We also read books that our celebrated author wrote that we hadn't visited in our author study. Mem Fox will surely be remembered as a favorite author of our class and one of Australia's finest story tellers. We salute and thank you Mem for writing books that children all around the world enjoy and love!


dayle timmons said...

What a wonderful celebration! My favorite was the lamington! Who would ever think that something called lamington would be sweet and good!

Suzanne said...

C. loved the Mem celebration! He was fond of the cake--he wants the recipe--but not so fond of the lamington. Apparently, he's not a coconut fan. Thanks for the planning that went into this day. The kids had a blast!

parker said...

dear Miss.Mallion
this is Parker. I love your blog a lot. So dus Piper.

parker xoxo