Sunday, May 25, 2008

Safety Patrol Celebration -Thanks So Much!!

It was a happy and sad day on Friday when we had to say good bye to our wonderful patrols, Miss V. and Miss M. These two girls were dependable, pleasant, and hard working. Every day they would come in and check to see what they would be doing with the children that morning. They brought the students in 15 minutes before school officially started. They would read books, work on projects, and listen to the Kindergarten students tell their stories each day. Having the patrols all year brought a special closeness and bond with the teachers and students. On Friday, we celebrated with a breakfast, cards, and a gift for them to remember us as they make the big leap into middle school. I have a feeling we will be seeing these two again someday - maybe teaching a few doors down from us!! Thank you so much Mrs. Cothern and Mrs. Ellis for your hard work as patrol sponsors and giving us this opportunity to know these two very special girls this year!!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs.Mallon,
Thank you soooo much for the gifts and all of the things you have done for me this year! I am sooo sad that I am not going to be with you next year. The blog was very nice and it is really cool to be on it!
Lots of Love,
Madi Cothern