Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mother's Day Celebration - May, 2008

Today we celebrated Mother's Day with mothers, grandmothers, and some fathers joining us for our special morning of entertainment, poetry, and songs. Each mother was greeted by her child and shown to his/her chair. After all the parents were in the room, we started with our first song, "Slippery Fish" (Charlotte Diamond). Students wore head pieces, made by our very own Mrs. Ellis , of different animals from the sea to go with the song. Then students (two by two) recited the Mother's Day Poem (Before I Was a Mom). We sung a class favorite (Alphabet Soup) and finished with "This Little Light of Mine" done in sign language. Soon it was time for the tissues to come out because the video segment of the event was about to begin. This was a slideshow which included a baby picture, a five-year old picture, and a picture of the child with his/her mom. It was beautiful. The video concluded with random photos throughout the year. Our breakfast included all kinds of pastries, bagels, cakes, and coffee/ice cream punch. It was wonderful. Mother's stayed to enjoy breakfast and left with a special gifts made by the children and a special placemat (see above picture) for them to use on Sunday.
Mother's Day is one of the biggest events of our Kindergarten year. We prepared for weeks to get the songs, poem, and movements just right. The children were as excited as a field trip day. We hope that through our efforts, Ms. Johnson, Mrs. Ellis and I, the children learned the importance of this special day and learned to always make this day, "Mother's Day" as grand as it should be! Our mothers deserve it and we love them!!!

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