Thursday, May 29, 2008

Luau Party - A Great Way to End the Year!!

Today we celebrated the end of our marvelous kindergarten year with a Hawaiian Luau which included outside stations, hula dancing lessons, and a BBQ. Students came to school wearing brightly colored clothes or Hawaiian shirts and skirts. All the centers were put together by our kindergarten team. These centers included a beach ball relay (above), sea shell relay, limbo, musical beach towels (in lieu of musical chairs) and free play w/chalk, bubbles, and jump ropes. At noon, we had a BBQ and later in the afternoon a hula dancer came in to teach some basic moves of the dance and the meaning behind the moves to the children. This was a day of celebration for our kindergarten students. They worked very hard all year and it was time to have a great time with friends. We have four days left in our magical year and we have big fun planned for each of the last four days of our kindergarten journey!!

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