Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Publix and Kilwin's - What a Great Field Trip!!

Today was the last field trip of the year and what a great one it was. We went to Publix Supermarket and Kilwin's. This trip complimented our Science unit on food. First, we boarded the bus and headed to Publix. The manager greeted us and guided us on our first stop - the bakery. The students were quizzed about what food items they would find in the bakery and what ingredients it takes to make those items. A cake decorator came out from behind the counter and showed the students how she makes icing roses. Our next stop was Fruit and Produce. Here the students were shown some various tropical fruits and vegetables such as coconuts and mangoes. The mangoes were sliced up and children were given samples to eat. We stopped by the fish counter and the manager pulled out a live lobster - WOW!! The meat counter was next and different kinds of meats were shown - even buffalo! We went through the double steel doors into the back of the store and we were shown the big freezer, the stacks of crated fruits and cans, and where the trucks unload their goods on the hydraulic lift. Then we were shown the recycling machine where big boxes were put in for demonstration and they were crushed before our eyes. (Publix is the number one company in Florida for recycling!!) Our last stop was the dairy section and different cheeses were shown and explained. As we left, we were given cookies, popcorn, and gift bags from the store. What a wonderful treat that was!! Next, we boarded the bus and it was off to Kilwin's at St. Johns Towne Center. The sweet smell of chocolate hit us as we entered the store. Kilwin's is known for its Homemade Ice Cream and Fudge, Homemade Chocolates, Brittles, and Caramel Corn. We were shown how to make waffle cones (and Ms. Johnson and I got to make one). Students had the chance to sample any ice cream flavor they wished. They were shown how the chocolate comes to the store (in a big ten pound brick) and how they use a hammer to chop it up. The children were gifted with chocolate covered marshmallows as they left.
This was such a great field trip for the kids. They learned about community businesses and how stores operate in their neighborhood. We are very fortunate to have such wonderful companies such as Publix and Kilwin's in our area and appreciate how they welcomed us on our visit. I heard a few children say, "This is the best field trip ever!" Who would think that going to the supermarket and getting some ice cream would make such a memorable event?

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