Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Valentine's Day Memories

Do you remember getting Valentine's Day cards in your classroom "mailbox"? I sure do. I remember decorating a big brown manila envelope with hearts and flowers and having it taped to my desk. The teacher would call on several students at a time to deliver their mail and I would get so excited when another card, pencil, or conversation heart candy packet would go in my envelope. Well the tradition continues in our classroom. For homework last week, children were given the assignment of addressing their Valentine cards with classmate's first and last names using a class list to complete the activity. Within few short days, cards were coming in with pencils, candy, and tattoos, and boxes of conversation hearts taped to them. "When am I going to give my cards out?" was a daily refrain throughout the week. However, the cards needed a mailbox to place them in. Parents sent in empty cereal boxes and when we had enough, Mrs. Ellis cut them in half and painted them. The children decorated bear faces with hearts and these were then attached to the box with their names on them. Throughout the afternoon, children delivered their cards to the designated mail boxes. Now the boxes are bursting with goodies and the children can't wait until Thursday to read their cards, check out their little gifts, and trade those ever famous conversation hearts!!

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