Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Eric Carle - Attribute Chart

Our first three Eric Carle books are completed on our attribute chart. These three books are the springboard into the other Eric Carle classics that we will be reading. An attribute chart is an ongoing classroom chart that helps students organize their thinking while we discuss the books. It charts noticings, wonderings, and questions we have about the books we are reading. The first book was "Do you want to be my friend?" about a lonely mouse looking for a friend. The second book we discussed was "Have you seen my cat?" about a little boy's adventure looking around the world for his cat. On his way, he meets other members of the cat family including lions, tigers and panthers. Our third book was "Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother Too?" This book asks the same question of many animals, for instance, "Does a penguin have a mother too?" "Yes, a penguin has mother, just like me and you." Now that we have talked about these three books, children get to see a similarity about these Eric Carle books. So far they noticed that he likes to write about animals; that the first three books asked questions; and that his books teach us something - valuing friendship, trips around the world, and names of animals and their babies. We can't wait to read the next book in our author study and learn and grow with Eric Carle.


Suzanne said...

C is so excited about studying Eric Carle. We spent time on-line tonight reading more about him and the books he's written. How cool that kindergarteners are already being exposed to themes in books! Love it!

dayle said...

Love your artibulte chart! dayle timmons