Wednesday, February 6, 2008

International Week - Day Three - Vietnam

Chào (Hi) and welcome to our third day of International Week - the country we visited today was Vietnam. Our parent Mrs. D. showed the children were on the map Vietnam is and how it is shaped like an "S." She brought in several posters with pictures and told the children about Vietnamese occupations, transportation, markets, and celebrations. She even brought in her wedding picture to show her traditional wedding dress. Transportation is mainly done via bikes and scooters. Gas is very expensive. The people of Vietnam are generally fishermen or work in the rice fields. The main celebrations are Tet, Mid Autumn Festival and weddings (the bride wears red.) They have many outside markets were people can buy fresh fruits and vegetables everyday. Mrs. D. brought in eggrolls, dried fruits, rice (com) cakes and soy milk for the children to taste. The students loved hearing about how other countries live and work. Tam biet (Good bye) for now!

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Timmonte Learning Leaders said...

I am quite impressed! What a great idea to involve your students' families and help them feel empowered by their own cultures. Love the idea!
:-) Mrs. Conte