Thursday, February 4, 2016

100 Days Smarter and Kinder in Kindergarten

One of our favorite 100 day projects is to collect 100 cans and donate them to the local food bank. We managed to collect 116 - so that was even better! The children loved counting and tallying the cans that were brought in everyday.

The classroom was a magic place with 100 balloons scattered about. 
 Making a 100-day snack is a fun way to count and group into 10's.
We topped off the day with 100 day cupcakes!! The children had a memorable day being 100 days smarter and kinder in kindergarten!!


Leighanne Fallyer said...

They are all so cute!! Ella had so much fun! Thank you!!

Kimberly West said...

Thank you Mallard's for making the 100th day of school memorable for the kids. Austin enjoyed it and I know will never forget his 100th day of kindergarten.