Reading Playdates - An Avid Reader Activity

 Children were invited to have a reading playdate today.  They were told that avid readers have conversations about the books they read, tell why they liked the books and recommend books to their friends. Today they were invited to have a "Reading Playdate" with their friend. We talked about how we can make our reading playdate fun and exciting, just like a regular play date.  Students acted out their books, read aloud, guessed feelings, and even played school with their books.
 These two avid readers are playing school with their books.
Going on a hunt together and finding snap words are what these two  decided to do on their playdate.
"Guess what comes next" is a fun activity to play with a book.  The reading playdate went very well and they can't wait till next week when they they will meet again with new activities to try.


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