Writer's Museum - Rounding the First Bend

Today we celebrated as writers for completing the first bend in our "Small Moments" Lucy Calkins' writing series. Children were invited to put their best piece of writing on top of their folder at their table so that other students could admire their work. They moved around in our "Writing Museum" and read other students work. Afterwards, we came back as a group and listed what we noticed about the writing and what they want to bring back and use in their pieces. It was the perfect time to reflect and grow in our writing community.
Students were surprised to see how much each has grown as a writer since the first day of school.

By reading other children's writing, students got lots of ideas on how to make their writing even better.


Christa said…
Love this activity! Looks like this Writing Museum is full of wonderful writers :-)
Look how excited they are! Love it!
Suzanne said…
Can't wait to read the students' work! What a great idea, a Writing Museum. Love Lucy!

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