Math Centers - Giving time to work with numbers

It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer. 
Albert Einstein
 Math Centers is the time when children are invited to work on varying math games. Students use this time to practice math skills and concepts. These skills may include: Math fact fluency (sorting - equal to, less than or greater than 10); (Number sprints- How many math facts in a minute?); Addition/subtraction bingo; Addition facts; Reflex Math (computer); Combo's of numbers from 5 to 10; and "Start with Get To" using a number line. Giving students time to work with numbers helps greatly in acquiring the Number Sense they need for a strong foundation. This is also a time when children pulled for small group instruction either on remediation and/or enrichment activities.
 Is the equation more than, less than, or equal to 10?
 Plus or minus one bingo.
 Number combinations - finding 10.
Number sprints - how many in a minute?  Can you improve on your next game?
Start with - get to...using a number line.


Anonymous said…
These look great- do you do these math centers every day?
Christa said…
What a great way to make learning math fun! I love the variety of skills for enrichment. Thanks!
Suzanne said…
I'm sure this is a student favorite! Can't wait to see it in action tomorrow.

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