Partner Reading is Everyone's Favorite

Partner reading is when children are invited to share their books with a friend.  Students are paired up with a child who can read on the same general level. There are a few rules for a successful partner reading session. They have to be sitting side by side (or if on the floor - knee to knee) . They can take turns reading a page or one person can read a book, then the other.  They are there to support each other on their reading journey. Asking questions is very important and serves as a great way to get conversations started about the books that are read. For example, questions that start with "Why do you think..?"; "What is happening ...?"; "Do you think the characters...?" may be used. It is also a time to make predictions, learn new vocabulary and become a more fluent reader. Partner reading is a time to share new learning through the simple pleasure of reading a book with a friend.


Suzanne said…
You have a model partner reading classroom because of your clear expectations and impeccable rituals and routines. Partner reading was always Carter's favorite!
Christa said…
Partner reading is the best!! Thanks for all you do for our kiddos :)

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