Gingerbread Houses - Hands On Learning and Writing

Today was another "best day ever" in our class according to some students. It was Gingerbread House day.  The first thing we did was go over in "How to" format how to make the gingerbread house. The children were more than ready after it was explained and then decorated their houses in their own personal style. After this hands on activity, they were invited to write how they made their houses so that others may also learn how to do it. It was a great way to incorporate an activity with writer's workshop and have lots of fun doing it. 
This piece includes the title "How to Make a Gingerbread House" and an Introduction "Can you see how to make a gingerbread house?"  First you spread the icing around."  "Then you put the candy." "Next you put the decorations." Finally you decorate the Christmas tree."  Then Kayla lists what you need. "You need a knife." "You need decorations."  She also lists a helpful hint "Don't forget the tree."
"How to Make a Gingerbread House"  "First you get a cafeteria milk jug." "Then you spread the icing." Next you put the (get the) graham crackers."  "Finally you decorate with candy." Ezekiel did a fine job sounding out some very large words and explaining how to make it.  
We hope you this helps you learn how to make a Gingerbread House this season!


Christa said…
What a great activity for the kids! Piper couldn't stop talking about & eating her gingerbread house :) Love how you incorporated the 'how to' writing. So fun!
Lourdes said…
Wow- There are some future HGTV house designers in the making!

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